about us

The founder of Starlight Plugs grew up in Long Beach California.  Steve Holcomb loved pools, the ocean and all Southern California had to offer.

Growing up at the start of the surfing craze in the 60's, Steve wished he had the money to buy a surfboard which was around a hundred bucks in those days.  Anyway it was to the beach with a pair of fins, which was the best he could afford.  A swimming pool in the back yard was a true luxury which Steve's family could not afford, only the rich kids had pools.  So to the local High School or a yearly trip to Vegas in the Fifties and early sixties was a treat.  Steve and his sister would spend all day in the pool and could never figure out what people saw in the Casinos.

After service with the United States Army in Viet Nam and College, Steve linked up with a College friend in Palm Springs and started to clean pools for a living-a natural fit.  

Sometime later, Steve went on to form Water Savers Company in Southern California and built a career and a well respected company finding and repairing Pool and Spa Leaks.  In the old days the plugs were a carry over from what was available for plumbers. Eventually, Steve started to make a few plugs for Water Savers Company.  After a while, other Leak Companies asked if they could buy some and eventually Starlight Manufacturing was born.

Today, Starlight Manufacturing makes plugs for its Sister Company and many other professional Pool Companies and Plumbers.  Since we use everyday our own product we know what works and works well.  Continuing to innovate, explore and test new products, we are thankful for the support of many other companies who use our products and demand the best.