TK-3: Best Pressure Test Kit -

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Pressure testing kits are used to identify  leaks in plumbing.


Test from 3/4 through 2 1/8 pipes and fittings. Test from 3/4 through 2-1/8.

Includes: 25 Brass Hooks plugs, 6 Brass stuby's, 5 Brass Stuby Inducers, 10 Long Hooks plugs, 1 Single Port Skimmer Plug, 8 Long Inducers, 2-Ortega Plugs, 2-Inflatables with 5' hoses,  Air/Water Mixer, Pre-loaded Dye Syringes, Inducer Hose

Featuring Solid Brass Wing Nuts


Our very best set of plugs; compare anywhere, you will not find a better set of plugs on the market today. Starlight Plugs is the choice for leak detectors and plumbers. We carry a full line of high quality pressure testing plugs.