Regular Nylon W/N
Regular Brass W/N
Economy Plugs
Economy Long
Hook Nylon-W/N
Hook Brass-W/N
Long Hook Nylon-W/N
Long Hook-Brass W/N
XL Hook-Nylon W/N
XL Hook-Brass W/N
Short Hook-Nylon W/N
Short Hook-Brass W/N

Short-Nylon W/N
Short-Brass W/N
Short with Hose-Nylon W/N
Short with Hose-Brass W/N
Long Nylon W/N
Long Brass W/N
XL Nylon W/N
XL Brass W/N
Inflatable Inducers
Pro-Series Inducers

Ortega Plugs
Vari-Flow Skimmer
Inflatable Plugs

Butyl Tape
Detection Equipment
Dye Syringe
Hose Extensions
Plug Kits
Copper Sizing Tools

Equipment & Supplies:

 roundingset.jpg dyesyringe_5pack.jpgBH-5.jpg

          Rounding Tools              Dye Syringe        Hoses       


                                        Test Kits                       

Expansion Plugs




              S-14.jpgRegular-Brass W/N  S-14.jpg Regular-Nylon W/N


                                Regular Economy                    Long Economy 


Hook Plugs with Nylon Wing Nut



Hook Plugs with Brass Wing Nuts 

       HC-9.jpgShort  H-18.jpgRegularX-18.jpgLongX-LongHook-small-XX-18.jpgExtra Long




 Short-Brass-W/N   Short-Nylon W/N




               Short-Hose-Nylon W/N      Short-Hose-Brass W/N



             Long Brass-W/N                           Long Nylon W/N                                            





      Extra Long Inducers-Brass Wing Nut






BO-4.jpgInflatable Inducers



Additional Plugs


Vari-Flow Skimmer

Inflatable Plugs



Ortega Plugs




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